British Rowing at the Olympics

XXVIIth Olympics
September 2000
Olympic Reports

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    September 24th

  • OK, this is getting silly. Gold for Redgrave and cohort yesterday, silver (the first women's Olympic rowing medal) for the women's quad today in the tightest of finishes, and finally, to round off the regatta, gold for all nine of the British men's eight, beating the rest of the big boys at their own game, peaking at exactly the right time after silver last year and defeats this summer. Three rowing medals, thirteen Olympic champions and four Olympic runners up, our best result for decades. Huge congratulations to everybody involved, (and a particular well done from RQ to Guin, to Tim, and to Rowley, Fred and Ben H-D).
  • Mission, ecstatically, accomplished - Chris Dodd's exclusive report for the Rowing Service.
  • LIVE REPORTING - Both the first and second set of A-finals from Penrith were covered live by the Rowing Service online, with auto-updating. These reports will remain online now as static files.
  • There is the chance of more reportage from the British press contingent, over the next few days, so check back here for updates.

  • Redgrave does it: it was fast, hard, and agonisingly close. Gold for the truly awesome foursome and their inimitable coach. Below is the real-time-written report, and here is Chris Dodd's report on the day that made history: Redgrave reaches the stratosphere.

  • September 22nd: Battling lightweights close in on the finals from Rachel Quarrell. Twenty years in the stands - I saw it all - Chris Dodd exclusively for the Rowing Service, on Steve Redgrave's awe-inspiring career. Leader: Will you be watching?.

  • September 21st: Exclusive from Chris Dodd - The world on tenterhooks as history creeps every closer. And from-TV commentary by Rachel Quarrell - Champions on show in the semi's.
  • September 20th: Struggles of wills in the last repechages - RQ's commentary from the TV coverage. Eight and quad storm into final, Christopher Dodd from the Penrith course.
  • September 19th: Divine draw for the four, Chris Dodd from the Sydney International Regatta Centre. 'Reps ahoy, Rachel Quarrell commentating from the TV footage.
  • September 18th: Chris Dodd's report from today's Group B heats - Dark horses fail at the first hurdle. Blow-by-blow coverage of the 8+ heats in Staggering performances in the eights by RQ.
  • September 17th: Back on top - the British crew cruise to an emphatic first round victory in the men's coxless fours. Christopher Dodd reports from Sydney. Race report on the men's coxless fours from Rachel Quarrell.
  • September 16th: The Inside Story - gossip and preview news of the Olympic regatta from our reporter on the bank.


    Now that the live rowing is over, I will not specific programmes here since it's unclear which will be carrying highlights. But the BBC and Eurosport will continue to mention and feature rowing until the end of the Games, for sure.

  • Radio 5 Live runs a daily midnight Olympic magazine from midnight, and should include live commentary on all British-involvement races. Commentators include Richard Phelps and Alan Green. News snippets throughout the day will include replays of commentary, interviews and quotes from the British four, without doubt.
  • The BBC live links page gives you a streamed 5Live button (RealPlayer) and carries video/audio clips of interviews too.

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The picture headlining the British Rowing pages is morphed from a photograph by expert rowing photographer Peter Spurrier (© Copyright 1999). It is of Steve Redgrave in full race flow, and has been stretched and rippled before the title was added. Peter Spurrier is in Sydney for the Olympics and will be providing the majority of the photographs for Regatta Magazine's reports, as well as some for FISA's World Rowing publication and the Independent Rowing News (USA).

Olympic Links

  • FISA's RaceTracker - the way to get results live to your desktop during racing. If you can't run the RaceTracker easily, the daily summaries of racing will come in handy and should be readable on any browser.

  • The FISA site also has brief race descriptions, plus an updated rowing medals table and regular quotes from the oarsmen and oarswomen competing in Sydney, while the BBC medals table is a useful round-up across all the sports.

  • has previews on every crew, and is running an Olympic predictions system, refining their projections as each stage of the regatta progresses. They also run "replay" similar to the RaceTracker, of races now finished, once the stats have been loaded into the database.

  • In the UK, the BBC has a special Olympic section, which is being updated around the clock with news on all the sports.

  • The Telegraph's summary schedule is a good reminder of what's on each day.

  • The official Olympics website has quicklinks to the different sports and plenty of news, but may become slow!

  • And there is an official SOCOG site run by the local organisers, very pretty, good on athletes, and great for Aussie pictures and news.

  • CNN/SI have an extensive Olympic section, including the Paralympics and a good schedule.

  • Reuters Sports headlines will carry snippets of the most uptodate news from Sydney.

  • You can sign up for the "Guardian Olympian", an email service which will deliver the latest results and news across all sports straight to your desktop.

  • One of the largest and most comprehensive Olympic rowing sections is to be found on, with links, team news, bios and articles from all over the place. Row2k and the Rowing Service tend to complement each other, so those after press clippings should check here and there to get the full list.

  • In the UK, the BIRO/ARA Olympic special is being updated regularly after racing, and has a good line in quotes from the athletes, and "Olympic Team Talks" or first-person reports from specific crews. Another link name for this area is

  • From, a Sydney Olympics section and a rowing-specific area too.

  • FT Online with a dedicated Olympic subsite.

  • In Switzerland there is a special Olympic Museum website, archiving the history of the Games.

  • WireWeb Olympics - the British women's rowing website is running a special section.

  • Olympic search on NLRoei website (Holland)

  • Sydney 2000 on FISA's website.

  •, the website of the British men's four.

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  • From the Rowing Service, creator of this site, the famous New Information Page, updated daily with non-Olympic news and rowing sites.
  • Click on this link to take you to the Top100 rowing site, full of worlwide rowing links, and giving the Rowing Service a vote at the same time.
  • In the USA, Row2k, the US equivalent of the Rowing Service.